Visiting the salon for a fresh dye job is lovely, but often comes with a three-figure price tag and hours in the chair. If you're not into that lifestyle but want to change up your look, don't hesitate to try do-it-yourself color. With the right products and techniques, you can play colorist without amateurish results. The newest at-home formula of Supcolor let you tint, tone, and highlight like a true artiste.

Key features

Gentle ingredients

Supcolor home hair dye has been carefully developed with organic and naturally derived ingredients, to gently nourish and protect your hair for gentle, home hair coloring. Supcolor will provide maximum color performance and full grey coverage and give long-lasting results.


Our semi-permanent formula contains no damaging and artificial ingredients, so your hair can look and feel gorgeously supple and vibrant. It revitalizes your hair with a rich, indulgent color boost.

Natural care

Care for your fresh new hair color with our product. Supcolor is specially developed to naturally lock in your color whilst strengthening and hydrating your hair for visibly better results and happier hair.

Long-lasting results

Our semi-permanent moisturizing hair colors are fortified with aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E for long-lasting, deep conditioning results and fade-resistance. Get a rich, natural-looking color and revitalized hair with more shine.

Versatile palette

Available in a variety of shades ranging from black to blonde, all colors include a sachet of color fixing shampoo, protective conditioner and the innovative cream for a younger look - a leave-in

About us:

Coloring hair product

Intense color and shiny hair

Great coverage gray hairs

Delicate formula

Strengthens hair and give vibrant color

Price: € 13.99


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